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Using only top quality products and proven methods of application, we live up to our reputation. When you choose Colorific you can rest assured that everything we finish is handled carefully and finished with immaculate precision.

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Color Samples

When working with Interior Designers and Architects, such as yourselves, we understand that you are artists and will often visualize concepts or colours that are either impossible to achieve or your clients just can't visualize for themselves. We also understand how hard it is to achieve a uniform look with the same color or shade across multiple species of wood. This is where Colorific comes in. We can create any custom colour or match any pre-existing colour, leaving your clients with a finished look that speaks a thousand words.


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01. Premium Color Sample

At Colorific, we have mastered the art of color matching. Whether it be paint or stain, we  have the ability to match any pre-existing color. This results in having a more cohesive look for your end products and more satisfaction for your clients. 

02. Technical Support

As color experts we are dedicated to offering you any technical service or training needed in order to achieve the exact color or look we've created for you, with any on-site finishing.

03. In-House Records

Should you ever need us to re-create a custom color for a future order, we make sure to keep the exact formula in a file under your account, so you'll get the exact color and hue you got before - no messing around.  

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