Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about getting your pre-finished products painted or stained? Check out the list of our most common FAQ’s and get the answers you need or simply give us a call!

At Colorific we endeavor to use only the best products and application method for the longevity and desired look and feel the industry has come to expect of our artisan finishing. From commercial primers and paints to 2 and 3 component products. We have the range to handle even the most special of requests.

On site painters have their limitations and quality is dependent on many variable factors. The biggest problem is other trades. Here in our shop we don’t have to deal with various trades damaging your prized projects. The shop is temperature controlled and regularly cleaned and maintained to achieve the highest quality job possible. Certain services like our window finishing also allows us the ability to completely seal all exposed wood jambs. Painters can only paint or stain what is visible after installation. This eliminates the chance of moisture warping and damaging your windows.

Everything is disassembled and put back together to achieve the perfect furniture quality that we are known for. We also have the warehouse facilities to store your projects until the perfect time when they can be installed. This allows you to have peace of mind that carpenters and other trades are gone by the time your beautiful products are installed.

As with all finishes, proper maintenance and care will give the longest lasting results. Every finish is susceptible to damage and natural wear and tear. To learn how to properly clean and care for our art refer to our cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Yes, each case is based on a number of variable factors that will need to be accounted for prior to taking on the job. Where there is a will there is a way!

No, we do not. However depending on the scope of your project we can refer you to a number of different reputable companies and after your purchase we would be happy to place our art on your project!

Currently we only accept Cash, Cheque, and Interac E-transfer.

A work order is not considered firm without a 50% deposit. The balance is due on completion. All jobs without a deposit are subject to schedule batching and or it’s place in the received order line.

Each product we use has variable warranties as well we offer both a limited liability warranty on application and workmanship and extended warranty that covers maintenance. Please see our sales terms and conditions for details.

Most often the answer will be no as the typical homeowner and painter products are substandard to our commercial paints and stains. However, using our products we can color match to the color you desire.

If I handle the preparation work can you simply paint/ stain my project for added savings?

No, in our experience “prepared” has a very different meaning in the eyes of non-professionals. The reason for us wanting to handle every step is that we can control the outcome to give your project the desired quality and beauty that we expect from ourselves.

Yes we can. Our customers and fan base span across Canada! Give us a call and we’ll organize logistics for you ☺

Typical turnaround time is 7 business days. We can accommodate rush orders and hot rushes as well. These are at a premium.

Yes, we have the ability to ship from small to very large items.

The best way to transport a finished item is by packaging and or with moving blankets. It is necessary to use correct transportation as well (flat deck trucks are not okay for finished doors/ windows/ furniture). Using improper shipping methods will void our warranty.

We welcome any project especially if you buy your materials in British Columbia. Have your sales rep contact us for details on how we can help beautify your homes, regardless of location ☺